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Dual Material Construction World’s only compressor with a unique dual material construction i) The cylinder block is made up of

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EMS  Shree Products  & System Integrators Pvt. Ltd   group cos  are  EMS Systems  and  Interior   are  working in  Mission Mode  for 2020 .

As per  the Government of India following the policies working to support  solutions  for the smart city solution provider  for the  quality  products, and services for energy and data management in the  Indian  Target  Markets  of   Energy  , Defense , Transportation   ,  Automotive   and  Machinery  along  with  customized  solution to Indian Industry  .

The value chain encompasses LED , Meters , wires,  fibers, standard cables  and   the special cables along with the  customized  cable  assembly systems as well as intelligent products and smart services. As an innovation partner and solutions provider, EMS   supports its customers with pronounced development and systems  based on the  past expertise.

The group of companies   are   listed  as  per  government  bodies  on MSME. , GeM, RCF, GST & PF .We  are  also  supported  by corporates  by acting as  regular vendor  both for  the   Indian as  well as   the  Global Multinational  companies.


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